Trichardt community

Received with kind thanks from Brian Cohen –  April 2018

I have the documentation that certain land was purchased in 1944 in southern Israel with funds donated by the Jewish community of Trichardt in the eastern Transvaal the land was then named Nachlat Trichardts.

The document is in an exquisite book with an olive wood cover and is written on vellum.

This is an historical document that has never been published or brought to public attention.

My grandfather the late Joel Dorfan was the person instrumental in the donation, he was presented with the documents, which he passed on to his daughter, (my mother) the late Ray Cohen nee Dorfan who was an ardent Zionist, and she gave me the book when I and my family made Aliyah 26 years ago.  To view the documents click on the two links below.