Community, Family and Personal Histories

1/6/18  – Latest edition to this page is the full digitized book 70 Years of Southern African Aliyah – a story of achievement. See link below.

This page includes a number of community, family and personal histories mainly focused on Southern African aliyah, klitah (immigration and absorption), contributions to Israeli society, commerce, industry, culture, medicine and connection to Telfed. These histories focus on life in Israel from the perspective of olim.  You are invited to send your stories in similar written format to the editor .

The story of the 803 Southern African Machal volunteers, many of whom had only recently finished serving in the 2nd World War but then came to support the fledgling State of Israel and fought in the War of Independence. Telfed is proud to have sponsored a book about these brave men and women written by Henry Katzew z”l.  Later versions were compiled by Maurice and Marcia Ostroff z”l and edited by Joe Woolf z”l. To read this important record – click this link to view online or download the Machal-SA 800  

70 Years of Southern African Aliyah Book- a story of achievement

The donation of funds to purchase land by the Trichardt community of Eastern Transvaal

Jeanette Ordman – creator of the Bat Sheva dance company

Zmira Schwabsky – Letters to my father

Sam and Myra Berger story

Friedman story

Sol Liebgott 9 July 2006

Letter written by the South African Zionist Federation- Israel Office in November 1948 in favour of Jock Isacowitz